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Though apparently harmless, dandruff can be quite embarrassing for the persons affected by it. When white and silvery flakes deposit on your clothes in some public places, the embarrassment forces you to think how to control dandruff. Dandruff is a symptom while the root causes of dandruff can be many. For tackling this unwanted menace it is necessary to understand the right causes of the dandruff for specific cases. The simple cases of dandruff can be controlled by home remedies. There are many home remedies for the hair as well as the dandruff of the scalp. Whatever may be the cause the manifestation of dandruff comes in the form of flakes which are nothing but dead skins of the scalp. Sometimes flakes are found simply due to dryness of scalp and lack of sufficient moisture on the scalp. Though the severe cases will need medication under the guidance of your hair expert, simple cases of dandruff can be tackled by Eyova egg oil.

The Eyova egg oil composition

1. Long Chain Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
2. Cholesterol
3. Antioxidants Xanthophylls
4. Antioxidants Luteins and Zeaxanthin
5. Immunoglobulins

The inflammatory problems caused by scalp psoriasis and dermatitis are often created due to the presence of free radicals. Such issues cause itching, irritations and red lesions. Antioxidants in the egg oil help in neutralizing the free radicals. The fatty acids of the egg oil also prevent the poisonous effects of the free radicals. In this way the antioxidants improve the general health condition of the scalp. Lutein improves elasticity of the scalp skin and also enhances the hydration of the scalp skin. In this way the egg oil can avoid dry condition of the scalp which is responsible for ordinary dandruff condition.

Thus egg oil can be your answer to the query how to control dandruff.

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